Video Becomes Us

Host: Eugenia Lim
Director: Kate Blackmore
Producer: Bethany Bruce
Writers: Kate Blackmore, Eugenia Lim
Directors of Photography: Sky Davies,
Emma Paine
Editor: Andrew Kristiaman
Composer: Corin Ileto

Format: 5 x 10 min episodes

Commissioned by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Financed with the assistance of Create NSW.

Broadcast in October 2018.


From the video art pioneers of the 1970s experimenting with Sony Portapaks to the current generation of artists exploring VR technology, Australian artists have long embraced video’s radical potential. ‘Video Becomes Us’ explores the different ways that acclaimed artists including Susan Norrie, Vernon Ah Kee, Sue Dodd, Dr Christian Thompson AO, Soda_Jerk, Xanthe Dobbie, The Kingpins, Darren Sylvester, Reko Rennie, Amos Gebhardt, James Nguyen, Caroline Garcia, Club Ate, Joe Hamilton and Angela Tiatia have utilised the medium as a means for artistic expression and political agitation.

Directed by video artist Kate Blackmore and hosted by video artist Eugenia Lim, this series explores how video art can offer us new ways of seeing and re-imagining ourselves. If we are now all media makers, what does video tell us about who we are, and what we might become?