All Wedding Wishes

Director: Kate Blackmore
Cinematographer: Bonnie Elliott
Editor: Kate Blackmore
Camera Assistants: Jamie Gray & Michael Filocamo
Sound Designer: Fred Rodrigues
Community/Cultural Consultants: Layla Naji & Delilah Shinko
Translators: Delilah Shinko & Nohara Odicho
Featuring: Nahren Georges and family

Dual Screen Video Installation
High Definition Video, 16:9, PAL, Sound
Duration: 17 mins 42 secs

Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in partnership with PYT Fairfield & the Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture & Trauma Survivors (STARTTS).


Fairfield (in Sydney’s Western suburbs) is home to Australia’s largest Assyrian community. Assyrian weddings are the biggest in the region – they are major cultural events where ancient and modern rituals collide. Kate Blackmore’s 2-channel video installation All Wedding Wishes explores the significance of Fairfield’s Assyrian-Australian weddings through the experience of first generation Australian bride, Nahren Georges. Weaving together interviews, observational sequences and surreal musical interludes by popular local Assyrian wedding singer Sonia Odisho, the work also illuminates the important function of the wedding videographer in mediating the event to family members remaining in Iraq. All Wedding Wishes goes behind the spectacle to reveal how Assyrian-Australian weddings offer a form of escapism, cultural connection and community cohesion for those living in diaspora.