Brief Illuminations Between Interruptions


Artists/Directors Diana Baker Smith & Kate Blackmore
Cinematographer Nisa East
Photographer Anna Hay
Sound Recordist Ingrid Rowell
Costume Designer Leah Giblin
Hair & Makeup Artist Leila El Rayes
Production Coordinator Jade Muratore
Composer Kelly Ryall
Sound Design & Mix Bob Scott
Colourist Justin Tran

Single Channel Video Installation, 13mins 12secs

This project was commissioned by Ngunungulla for the Video Commission exhibition, curated by Megan Monte and Milena Stojanovska. It received additional support from UNSW Art & Design, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


Brief Illuminations Between Interruptions is a film about motherhood, artistic labour and female friendship. The work is a record of a dialogue, unfolding across two years, between artists Diana Baker Smith and Kate Blackmore. Together, they reflect on the complexities of motherhood, the politics of care and their shared experience of becoming pregnant at 40.