Ngallowan (They Remain)


Artists/Performers Kate Blackmore and Jacinta Tobin
Video & Sound Jon Hunter

2-Channel Video Installation, 16mins

This project was commissioned by safARI 2014 and supported by the NSW Artist’s Grant Scheme, a devolved funding program administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts on behalf of the NSW Government.


Ngallowan (They Remain) is a collaboration between Kate Blackmore and Dharug elder and Song Woman Jacinta Tobin. This dual channel video work is a response to what WEH Stanner termed, “the great Australian silence” in his 1968 Boyer Lectures, referring to the systematic failure of historians to integrate the story of Aboriginal dispossession and its aftermath into the course of Australian history. Through performance and song, Blackmore and Tobin each engage with the notion of ‘white washing’, resulting in an interplay between presence and disappearance that questions the way in which history is written and recorded.